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Child Support

In Texas, a parent owes the duty to support their minor children and to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other needs, and child support is determined by certain guidelines specified in the Texas Family Code.

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Although child support issues may sound like a simple process, it can be complicated, and dealing with its intricacies can be a challenge.

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Child Support Calculation

In Texas, conservatorship normally determines which parent will make periodic payments for support of the children of the marriage.

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Normally, the parent with the right to determine the residence of the child will receive child support payments. As for the custodial parent, the law assumes that their contribution to support of the child comes from the daily cost of raising the child.

The amount of child support is based on a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s net resources. “Net resources” is determined by considering all their available income —including all of their wages, salary, commissions, tips, overtime pay, severance pay, gifts, bonuses, gifts, prizes, retirement benefits, distributions from trusts, social security benefits, alimony, etc.—and getting a total amount. Subtract the amount paid for taxes (social security, state income, federal income), union dues, as well as the amount to cover the child’s health insurance from the total amount. The difference is the net income.

The net income is then divided by 12 in order to get the net monthly income, which is then applied to the guidelines:

  • 1 child = 20% of net resources
  • 2 children = 25% of net resources
  • 3 children = 30% of net resources
  • 4 children = 35% of net resources
  • 5 children = 40% of net resources
  • 6+ children = not less than 40% of net resources

Texas courts have the discretion to order child support that varies from the child support guidelines. Some factors the court may consider include:

  • The age and needs of the child
  • The ability of the parents to contribute to the support of the child
  • Any financial resources available for the support of the child
  • Child-care expenses
  • Alimony expenses
  • Medical and health care expenses
  • Provision of health insurance for the child
  • Educational expenses
  • The parent’s debts and other financial obligations assumed by the parents
  • Costs during visitation

This list of factors the court can consider in setting child support is not exhaustive.

If you are a noncustodial parent struggling to meet your child support obligations or a custodial parent wanting to claim support for your child, Glen W. Wood, Attorney at Law, is here to give you competent representation.

Child Support Enforcement

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When one parent is either unwilling or unable to pay the specified child support amount at the specified time, they should expect consequences. Texas law provides numerous remedies for enforcement of court-ordered child support. The remedies available may include being held in contempt of court, license suspension, credit reporting, passport denial, probation, and perhaps even incarceration.

If you do not receive the court-ordered child support, you may be entitled to pursue your enforcement remedies. Attorney Glen W. Wood is ready to advise you find the proper legal recourse for the situation. If you are legally ordered to pay child support, but are struggling with meeting your obligation, Glen W. Wood, Attorney at Law, may be able to help. It may be possible to seek modification of your court-ordered child support.

Child Support Modification

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Once the Texas court has issued an order for possession and access to the child or has entered a child support order, under certain circumstances, a new order may be entered that modifies the previous order. Once the court appoints the Managing Conservator(s), any possessory conservators, and orders the noncustodial parent to make payments for support of the child, the parent ordered to pay child support (the “obligor”) is required by law to make the payments until further order of the court. However, if the circumstances have materially and substantially changed since the entry of the prior order and certain other conditions are met, the previous order may be changed or “modified” to reflect the new circumstances of the parties.

Whether unemployment, demotion, relocation, health issues, or other life events caused a change in circumstances, a Texas court can modify child custody and support orders if either or both of the child’s parents experience certain circumstances that negatively affect their ability to fulfill their obligation under the previous decree.

If “material and substantial” changes in circumstances have occurred to either party or the children who are the subjects of the custody order and order for payment of child support, a motion to modify the previous order might be appropriate. Although the filing of a motion to modify a previous custody or child support order must be filed with the same court as the original order sought to be modified, it is a new legal matter. If you believe you are entitled to bring an action to modify a previous order and you are no longer represented by counsel, attorney Glen W. Wood, can provide honest and diligent representation that will meet your needs.

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Attorney Glen W. Wood is an experienced trial attorney who handles general civil and family cases. With more than three decades of experience here in Texas, he is ready to use that lifetime of experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your legal situation. While an attorney cannot guaranty a particular result in any case, Glen W. Wood, Attorney at Law, is committed to representing his clients zealously and within the bounds of the law.

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Child support can be a complex topic, and attorney Glen W. Wood wants you to know that you do not have to go through the whole ordeal alone. As a trusted Texas attorney, Glen W. Wood can give you the legal support, assistance, and guidance that you need in all kinds of family law matters. From divorce, child custody, child support, to father’s rights, he is committed to making sure your child’s future is secure, and your interests are protected

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