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Child Custody

Family law issues are complex and can be contentious and costly. When the issues involve children, you find yourself wondering how your divorce will affect your relationship with your children as well as their future.

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As an experienced attorney for over 30 years, Glen W. Wood understands that family law issues involving children are profoundly personal and emotionally charged, confusing, and stressful. Glen Wood is committed to serving his clients and providing effective and zealous representation for his clients.

Whether you are facing contested issues of divorce, child custody, child support, or father’s rights, Glen W. Wood, Attorney at Law, will be there to serve you to help you obtain the best possible result in your custody case.

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Texas Child Custody

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In the state of Texas, the legal term used for custody is conservatorship. Conservatorship addresses the legal and practical arrangements of how two parents share possession of their children when they are no longer married or living together. It comes in the form of a court decision or order that expressly states who the child resides with, how much time the parents get to spend with the child, who has decision-making authority on behalf of the child, what the child support arrangements are, etc.

Here are the different types of conservatorship here in Texas:

Managing Conservatorship

A managing conservatorship is what other states refer to as custody. It allows a parent or guardian to make decisions regarding and on behalf of the child, such decisions include which school to attend, which church to get involved in, etc. It also gives one the authority to make financial and medical decisions for the child.

A managing conservatorship can either be sole or joint:

  • Sole Managing Conservatorship: Only one parent is legally given decision-making authority over and on behalf of the child. This also means that only one parent will have possession of the child. In other states, this is referred to as sole custody.
  • Joint Managing Conservatorship: Both parents share decision-making authority about most issues concerning the child. However, the child may still predominantly reside with one parent.

Possessory Conservatorship

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A possessory conservatorship gives one parent the right to visit the child. However, the said parent will not necessarily have the authority nor the final say on most day to day decisions about the child.

As required by Texas laws, a parent is named a possessory conservator if the other parent is named managing conservator unless the court finds the order not be in the best interests of the child or would place the child in emotional or physical danger.

Conservatorship issues can be complex and emotionally charged proceedings. If you find yourself in a dispute over conservatorship or possession and access to the children of the marriage, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney. Attorney Glen W. Wood is available to represent you.

Determining Child Custody

Texas Family Code, Section 153.002 of the Texas Family Code, “the best interest of the child shall always be the primary consideration of the court in determining the issues of conservatorship and possession of and access to the child.” Texas family court judges have great discretion when determining conservatorship and will take into consideration, including:

  • The child’s desires
  • Present and future needs, both physical and emotional, of the child
  • Potential present and future danger to the child
  • The parental abilities or skills of both parents
  • Stability of the home environment
  • Each parent’s plan for the child
  • The stability of the home or of the proposed placement
  • Evidence of domestic violence
  • Evidence that the parent has filed a false report of child abuse

The Texas Family Code prohibits the courts from using the parents’ marital status or their sex as a basis for their conservatorship decision.

Court proceedings involving conservatorship are often complex and emotionally charged. Whether you seek to establish conservatorship, contest conservatorship, or have a prior order modified, you should retain the legal services of an experienced lawyer to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. While an attorney cannot guarantee a particular result in any case, Glen W. Wood, Attorney at Law, is committed to representing his clients zealously and within the bounds of the law.

Texas Family Law Attorney

Attorney Glen W. Wood has been licensed to practice law for 34 years and is based in Grapevine, Texas. He knows how difficult it is to focus on legal matters when you find yourself involved in an emotionally charged proceeding involving your own children. You to need a reliable attorney to represent you.

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