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Collin County Parenting Plan Lawyer

Aside from starting a new and better life, securing the best future for your children is what you want to prioritize after a divorce. To accomplish this, you need a parenting plan attorney to help you.

Collin County courts will require a parenting plan from divorcing parents. This plan will determine the terms that each parent will follow for the welfare of their children.

Since parents are generally devoted to providing a quality life for their children, creating a parenting plan can result in two different scenarios. It can either be smoothly done by parents who wish for the same things or be another center of argument for parents who want different things for their children. Whatever your case may be, the service of a parenting plan attorney will be valuable.

You wouldn’t want to miss the important details required by the court in drafting your proposed parenting plan. Attorneys will be of great help when it comes to evaluating this necessary information. Also, a parenting plan attorney will know exactly how to create a plan that uses airtight language, which cannot be misinterpreted in any way.

With an attorney’s assistance, you can be certain that your parenting plan will meet every requirement while addressing your children’s best interests. Your chosen attorney will also guide you as you work with your spouse to come up with the best plan.

A great parenting plan will significantly decrease the negative effects of divorce on your children. So choose to do what’s best for your kids.

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Parenting Plan Overview

Collin County Parenting Plan Lawyer child support attorney segment 300x199Parenting plans are also called custody agreements in other states. The purpose of creating a parenting plan is to address all the issues involved in the children’s welfare. It will incorporate terms that will detail out how certain concerns and future scenarios will be handled.

Collin County courts will often ask each parent to come up with their proposed parenting plan. If you and your spouse submit an agreed-upon plan, the judge will make it a court order, making it legally enforceable. However, this only happens when the judge sees that the plan is in no way harmful to your children.

To make sure that you create the best law-abiding parenting plan for your children, acquire help from a skilled parenting plan attorney.

Required Information in Collin County Parenting Plans

Aside from the obvious need to include the names of all your children in the parenting plan, it is also necessary to include all that you requested in the plan’s initial filing before presenting it to the court.

The parenting plan should also specify the details of the following:

  • Whether each parent will be a managing conservator or a possessory conservator
  • Ways to share or divide the decision-making rights and responsibilities between the parents
  • Ways to share or divide the rights and responsibilities of physical care, support, and children education between the parents
  • Designation of the custodial conservator
  • Child support from either parent
  • Amount of child support
  • Payment details for the children’s medical and dental expenses

With the legal assistance of a parenting plan attorney, you will be able to address all these and more in your proposed plan. That will ensure the execution of the best care that your children deserve.

Provisions in Collin County Parenting Plans

military mother with childTexas family law further requires provisions for the following to be considered in your parenting plan:

  • Alternative dispute resolution method to be used in the future for issues involving the children
  • Neither parent can take the child to another state with no written approval from the court or the other parent.
  • Neither parent cannot apply nor renew a passport for the children with no written approval from the court or the other parent.
  • If the child is hospitalized during a parent’s possession time, that parent should inform the other parent within a certain number of hours of hospitalization or admission.
  • Both parents have to promptly notify each other if either of them gets married.

In creating a parenting plan, it is best to use as much detail as possible. This will help avoid conflicts or confusion in the future. Also, make sure that all of the important matters and conflicts that may potentially occur in the future are addressed in your parenting plan.

To save yourself from too much trouble drafting out a legal document yourself, consult a parenting plan attorney now.

Judicial Decision on a Parenting Plan

Before the judge makes a parenting plan into a court order, he/she will have to consider various factors to ensure that the plan is in the best interest of the children involved.

The following factors are what a judge will consider before finalizing a parenting plan:

  • Preferences of both parents
  • Preferences of the children (if they are over 12 years old)
  • History of child care
  • The parent who served as the children’s primary caregiver
  • The children’s relationship with each parent
  • The children’s physical, mental, and emotional health
  • The children’s special needs (if there are any) and the parents’ ability to provide those needs
  • The parents’ individual capacity to fulfill parental responsibilities
  • The parents’ individual capacity to raise the children in a safe and loving environment
  • The parents’ individual capacity to provide their children with food, clothes, shelter, and other needs.
  • The children’s adjustment to their home, school, and community.
  • Siblings or close relationships with other family members
  • Other people living with the children who may inflict harmful effects on them
  • Previous cases of domestic violence, neglect, or substance abuse committed by either of the parents
  • Any other acts that may endanger the children

With an expert parenting plan attorney working alongside you, you can make sure that the judicial decision will conveniently work for you. Most importantly, results will be for the best interests of your children.

Best Parenting Plan Attorney

If you just ended a relationship and is now working in securing the future of your children, our great parenting plan attorney is here to help.

Our law firm has a history of satisfactorily serving various clients. We provide expert counsel, making sure our clients are aware of what’s happening in their case and know exactly what’s the next legal action to take. It is our duty to legally assist you in navigating your legal journey while ensuring that your rights are protected, and your lawful responsibilities are fulfilled.

In creating a parenting plan, we will make sure that you are at a legal advantage when working with us. We will prioritize your children’s welfare as we help you draft a plan that will favorably work for you as well.

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Collin County Parenting Plan Lawyer glen w wood attorney logo 300x65Since you and your spouse could no longer be there for your children together, the next best thing you can do is create a parenting plan that will be in your children’s best interest.

Think of the kids’ welfare. Acquire help from a professional.

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