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Collin County Mediation Lawyer

Tens of thousands of people every year—in Texas alone—are facing the complex legal issues succeeding their choice to file for divorce. This number reflects the necessity for mediation and, consequently, for the service of a skilled mediation attorney in Collin County, TX.

Imagine having to deal with an extended period of divorce litigation. You just wanted to be done with your former spouse, provide the best plan for your children, and move on with your life. Unfortunately, the years of frustration with each other lead to a messy and heated conversation with your former spouse instead.

Collin County Mediation Lawyer bench nature love people 50592 300x198You cannot agree on a single thing. From property division to child custody, everything is just adding up to the things you argue about. The result? Wasted time and money. Not to mention a load of stress you could’ve avoided altogether—if only you chose to work with a legally knowledgeable mediation attorney.

What’s worse? The children involved are possibly the most affected of all. Nothing’s worse than two parents continually trying to win over the other, all the while forgetting the welfare of their children currently at stake.

This is where the whole mediation process can help. It is an alternative dispute resolution aiming to help both parties reach an agreement, effectively eliminating the need for any court trial after successful negotiations.

Undergoing the mediation process will not just help you and your spouse to negotiate amicably, avoiding the complications of divorce litigation before the court. With the help of an expert mediation attorney in Collin County, you can even get faster and favorable results while securing that your children’s best interests are well taken care of.

For a smooth and successful mediation, contact Glen W. Wood, Attorney at Law at (817) 934-7101 and get legally assisted by our expert mediation attorney.

Mediation Process in Collin County

Mediation is considered an informal process of negotiation. It is required before a divorce hearing for the couple to work together and reach an agreement without the need for a trial.

In Collin County, the majority of the conducted mediation follow the listed format:

  • Mediation starts with both parties exchanging discovery information.
  • A mediator will visit each party who are separately seated in two rooms with their attorneys until an agreement is reached or an impasse is declared.
  • If the parties reached an agreement, the terms are informally declared in a mediated settlement agreement (MSA).
  • The MSA will then be used to write an order or decree. This will be signed by both parties, their lawyers, and the judge.
  • The case is then considered finished.

The whole mediation process emphasizes key issues associated with divorce that require negotiation. Working with a skilled mediation attorney will not just ensure a favorable settlement for you and your children. It will also save you from the emotional, mental, and financial strain that drawn-out litigation will cause.

Benefits of Mediation

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Choosing to undergo and cooperate in a mediation process can reward you with a number of valuable benefits. After a failed relationship, the last thing you want is to miss out on advantages you could easily utilize in the process of completely and legally ending that union.

The following is the list of some of these acclaimed mediation benefits:

  • Reduced emotional stress
    Almost everyone knew how trials could transform from a purely legal matter into emotional combat. With mediation, emotions are far more kept in reign, avoiding unnecessary conflicts from heated outbursts. The mediation process focuses on establishing peaceful negotiation for better end-of-marriage agreements.
  • Lowered expenses
    Going into court trials can drain your finances. The mediation process will help you eliminate the need to pay for the whole divorce litigation.
  • Protected privacy
    In divorce trials, some of the most private and intimate details of your life will be disclosed to the public. They will be recorded and can be accessed by various individuals. In mediation, this information will be protected and regarded with confidentiality.
  • Saved time
    Courtrooms have restrictive schedules, and even just getting a court date will take some time. Mediation, on the other hand, offers a much flexible schedule around which the involved couples can work on reaching an agreement. Mediations can be done after hours or on weekends, making it more convenient for the interested parties. This leads to saving the time one would have spent waiting for a court date and on the actual litigation—given that the couples reached an agreement.
  • Maintained positive family relationship
    Generally, mediation is deemed better for families—especially for children. Unlike in court battles where children can be played as pawns for leverage, mediation is rather focused on doing what is best for the involved children. Also, it will be an excellent example for the children to see their parents working peacefully together during mediation. Moreover, reaching a settlement during mediation will quicken the divorce process. So, instead of letting the children sit through a long transition period, the family can quickly start over again.
  • Control over the final agreement
    In court trials, the judge has the final say with the terms succeeding the divorce. Mediation, however, gives you control over what should the settlement with your spouse entail. It keeps you in the driver seat and decreases the chance that important decisions won’t be favorable for you in the end.
  • Legally binding
    As long as both parties and their attorneys signed the document, the mediated settlement agreement is legally binding. Additionally, the law of Texas states that the document must include a sentence declaring that the agreement is irrevocable.

To make sure that the mediation process will be successful and that the resulting agreement wouldn’t miss any important information, it is best to work with an experienced Collin County mediation attorney.

Advantages of Hiring a Mediation Attorney

divorce and family law attorneysNo matter how much you want to take matters into your hand, deal with your spouse as quickly as possible, and move on with your life, there are just some things you can’t do on your own. Going through a divorce and the consequent legal negotiations are some of them.

Mediation is set up to avoid the complexities of divorce litigation. If the process is successful, the easier the divorce will be finalized, and the quicker can both parties (and everyone involved) move on and start anew. In light of this, the need to work with a skilled mediation attorney is essential.

You don’t want to suck at mediation and fail to reach an agreement. Nor would you want to end up agreeing with a mediation settlement that just doesn’t work in your favor.

You need someone who’s legally knowledgeable to guide you through the entire mediation process. Before, during, or after mediation, there are a lot of advantages that hiring a mediation attorney will give you.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a Collin County mediation attorney:

  • You will receive sound legal advice throughout the mediation process. Having a mediation attorney will ensure that your legal rights and interests are being protected. He/She will educate you about the process and gives you confidence that you can go through the process without being taken advantage of.
  • You can avoid litigation. If you work with a mediation attorney, there’s a great chance you can reach a settlement with your spouse without having to go into a complicated and emotionally scarring court battle. Aside from saving on the additional legal expenses for the trial, this can also prevent further negative feelings between you and your soon-to-be former spouse.
  • You can have more workable solutions. Unlike in litigations where there’s a limited possibility of appeasing both involved parties, mediation gives attorneys the freedom to come up with creative ways to resolve issues between you and your spouse. In a mediation process, your options are not just winning or losing. If you hire a skilled Collin County mediation attorney, he/she can expertly find a way to acquire a resolution that best works for you and your spouse.
  • You can see faster results. Another thing that your mediation attorney can do—and you possibly can’t—is to demand that you get immediate results. With their knowledge of Texas family law, they will know how to work around it and give you a quick and efficient resolution.
  • You will have a keen, legal eye on your paperwork. Unless you are an attorney yourself, possibilities are you only have limited legal knowledge. This could make preparing the required paperwork and studying must-signed agreements and other documents harder than it would be if you work with a mediation attorney. With an attorney well-versed in Texas family law by your side, you can be certain that your paperwork is error-free and that you are signing legal documents that are in your best interests.
  • You will be able to consider settlements better. An expert mediation attorney will advise you if a proposed settlement has acceptable terms that won’t put you at a disadvantage. The attorney will assess the settlement and proceed to discuss with you all of its benefits and drawbacks. A knowledgeable mediation attorney will always warn you of potential pitfalls in accepting a particular settlement agreement.
  • You will be legally assisted in drafting the binding agreement between you and your spouse. If you have reached a settlement with the other party, your hired mediation attorney will help you in preparing the binding agreement. He/She will also review the statement prepared by the other party’s lawyer.

Mediation plays an important role in your divorce. Succeeding in the process will address crucial issues that will not just take care of your best interests but of your children’s welfare as well.

A skilled and committed Collin County mediation attorney will be able to help resolve your case easier. You don’t need to burden yourself with legal complexities while trying to start anew from an unsuccessful union.

Be kind to yourself. Hire an expert mediation attorney in Collin County now.

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At our law firm, our mediation attorney is among the most commendable in Collin County. We have a proven track record of helping clients who ended their case with satisfaction.
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We are committed to legally assisting our clients in abiding with Texas family law. With our personalized and proactive approach to every case, we will make sure that your and your family’s interests are well addressed in your case’s outcome.

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